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"It is a pleasure to be working with Qualified Tutors because of the friendly environment. Loving what you do helps one to do it beautifully. I have always wanted to teach besides my actual job, and it is not because of the money, it is just because of the passion that I have for teaching. It is the best feeling that you get when you teach something that somebody has taught you, and it brings back all of the old memories."
- A Qualified Tutor

Qualified Tutors Inc. prides itself in the quality of selected tutors who meet some of the following criteria:

  • Enjoy working with people
  • Strong organizational skills which can be taught
  • Have previously tutored/taught
  • Computer literate
  • Positive role models
  • Open to communicating with office on ongoing basis
  • Willingness to accept positive reinforcement
  • Have/will secure a police background check if hired
  • Current university students
  • Post graduates currently working on degrees
  • Graduates working in their field of study
  • Certified teachers (elementary and/or secondary)
  • Related experience to tutoring
  • Flexible hours
  • Available weekdays after school and/or weekends
  • Can tutor a minimum of 4 hours a week
  • Personal excellence in subject area(s)
  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills

An interview and company orientation lasting approximately 1.5 hrs, may be arranged. If accepted you will learn how to use our excellent online application system for students and tutors. In addition, you will receive curriculum books so that you become familiar with the syllabus and educational guidelines.

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