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About Tony Lewis, Educational Consultant

Throughout his 41-year career as a teacher and Principal, Tony helped thousands of students in their academic development and social and emotional growth, and continues to do so through consulting. His vast curriculum knowledge gives guidance to both client and tutor. Prior to retirement he chaired the York Region Principals' Council for both elementary and secondary schools for four years. When "hand selecting" our tutors, his impressive experience and skill make those he chooses very qualified.

Posts by Tony Lewis, Educational Consultant:

Dear Tony – ask an expert

Dear Tony, We have a terrific son who wants to go to university. Our family is being told that his marks and average, (consistently in the low 70s range), will not be high enough for university entrance. Help! Drs. M & S, Toronto There are many other excellent opportunities for post -secondary education such as(…)

Dear Tony – ask an expert

Dear Tony, My son, Joshua, is starting Gr.11 and he has selected all university courses. He recently received his schedule and his university English, math and science courses had been rejected. He passed all of his Gr.10 work! P.C, Scarborough University courses in Gr.11 must have Gr.10 academic prerequisites. This is a Ministry of Education(…)

Pathways to Long-term Success

Download the PDF:  QT-PathwaysArticle_April2012 Planning for high school should begin in grade 6 Ah, high school! It begins in grade nine and ends in grade twelve after four years of progressive learning culminating in entrance into a post-secondary education or the workforce. Sounds simple enough? Leaving grade eight for the excitement of secondary school is(…)