Start a new semester off right – with a tutor!

Groups - Children and Teenagers“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” ~ Carl Bard


Having the opportunity to work with a tutor from the beginning of a semester is beneficial to both the student and the tutor. It provides students with the opportunity to get the help they need instead of waiting for the moment when they realize they do not understand the course material. Becoming overwhelmed may deter them from asking for help because they feel they have failed or are embarrassed.

An early start allows the tutor to build a relationship with the student. This will build a sense of trust and will set an environment where the student feels comfortable asking for help. The tutor will be able to cater to the student’s strengths and challenges making it easier to develop tools to ensure that the student continues to learn and stay on the path of success. This also allows the tutor to help the student organize work in a manner to ensure understanding of the material without becoming overwhelmed by the workload, and then trying to catch up mid- way through the semester. There will be no rush towards the end of the semester and the student will have the confidence of having learned at a gradual pace.

With the right organizational skills and mindset, the student will find learning and retaining the material easier, enabling him or her to master the concepts and prepare for tests and exams. The one on one time will allow the tutor to provide the support the student needs to build confidence to ensure success.

Be Proactive, call today. Let us help you on the road to success this semsester!

Guest Blog Writer – QT Tutor – Nalinie P., B.Ed candidate, B.A