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Qualified Tutors Inc. is a Toronto based tutoring company providing in home service to students from elementary to post-secondary school and university level. Toronto tutors are in demand all year round and we have a large team of tutors to accommodate the needs of the Toronto area. Many of our tutors are university students, while others are graduates either working, or continuing in post graduate study. Some are teachers. All are experienced tutors. You will be paired with your tutor based on location, availability, and subjects requested.

Toronto Tutor

Our Toronto tutors are mobile and can travel to accommodate your schedule. This flexibility and our large roster of tutors, makes Toronto our busiest area.

Have you been considering a Toronto tutor for someone in your family? Maybe you have a friend who needs some support. Visit our testimonials page by clicking here and read the wonderful stories our past and current clients have shared.

Studies have shown students with consistent tutoring perform considerably better in school than their counterparts. Consider a Toronto tutor for you child and help him or her succeed.

Are you ready to speak with our office to book your Toronto tutor? Visit our contact us page by clicking this link and examine our "New Client Application" form. When you are ready, email us through the Contact Us page or call us at (905) 763-7134 or toll free 1 877- 818-1811 .